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Saksham Yojana Haryana 2023: You know! The country’s increasing unemployment rate has became an economic disaster for the nation’s citizens. In light of this, the Haryana government launched the Haryana Saksham Yojana on November 1st, 2016. All jobless educated youngsters can be offered employment possibilities and unemployment benefits through this programme in government agencies and businesses.

Through this article, we will give you all the crucial details about the Haryana Saksham Yojana today.

Such as what is Haryana Saksham Yojana?, its benefits, objectives, features, eligibility, important documents, application process etc. So friends, if you want to get all the important information related to Saksham Yojana Haryana, then you are requested to read this article till the end.

Details Table of Saksham Yojana Haryana 2023

Scheme Name  Saksham Yojana Haryana
Beneficiary   Young citizens of the state
Launched by  the state government of Haryana
Application Process  Online
The scheme was launched on  01 November 2016
Last Date of Application  None (Not Applicable)
Official website  Open here


About Saksham Yojana Haryana 2023:

The benefits of Yuva Saksham Yojana can be availed only by the candidates who have done Intermediate, Graduate, Post Graduate of the state. The state government will provide unemployment allowance of Rs.3000 per month to the unemployed graduate youths on the basis of a total salary of Rs.9000/- per month. Graduate youth will be given Rs. 1500/- allowance on the basis of total salary of Rs. 7500/- including allowance. The benefit of this scheme can be availed only for 03 years. On getting a job under Haryana Saksham Yojana, the beneficiary will have to work for 100 hours in 1 month and 4 hours in 1 day.

What is Saksham Yojana Haryana?

Haryana Saksham Yojana has been started by the Haryana State Government. Under the scheme, under the Haryana Saksham Yojana, the educated unemployed youth in the state will get Rs 100 per month for matric pass, Rs 900 per month for intermediate, Rs 1500 per month for graduate and Rs 1500 per month for post graduate. 3000 rupees will be given to the graduate as unemployment allowance every month.

What is the Purpose of Saksham Yojana Haryana 2023

The youth of the state, who are unemployed even after being educated, cannot get a job anywhere, for those unemployed youth, the Haryana Government has started Saksham Yojana Haryana 2023, under this scheme, unemployment allowance will be provided to the unemployed youth along with employment. To reduce the unemployment of the state through Saksham Yojana and to provide proper monthly salary by giving job to the unemployed youth on the basis of their educational qualification. Under Haryana Saksham Yojana 2023, encouraging unemployed youths and women to do jobs and making them self-reliant. Empowering unemployed youths through this scheme.

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Benefits of Haryana Saksham Yojana 2023

The benefits of the Haryana Saksham Yojana 2023 being run by the Haryana state government are as follows..

  1. Under the Saksham Yojana Haryana 2023, 100 hours of work will be provided to the unemployed beneficiaries of the state.
    Along with this, ₹ 9000 will be provided to them.
  2. This amount will be directly transferred to the bank account of the beneficiaries.
  3. After the application registration, the state government will confirm the eligibility. After that eligible beneficiaries will be selected.
  4. If any applicant provides any wrong information. So his application can also be rejected.

Documents Required for Saksham Yojana Haryana 2023

  • Aadhaar Card (Applicant Aadhar Card)
  • Income Certificate – Income Proof Certificate
  • Educational Certificate-(12th/Graduate/Post-Graduation Marksheet & Degree)
  • PAN Card / Voter ID Card
  • Bank account passbook
  • Passport size photo
  • Mobile number
  • Email Id

Eligibility for application in Saksham Yojana Haryana 2023

To take advantage of the Saksham Yojana Haryana 2023, you will need to apply, but you must know its eligibility for the application. Eligibility has been determined by the state government in this way for application in this scheme.

  • To take advantage of Haryana Saksham Yojana, only permanent residents of the state will be able to apply.
  • If the family income of the applicant is more than Rs 3 lakh, then he will not be eligible for this scheme.
  • Only the youth of the state between 21 years to 35 years can apply under the scheme.
  • To apply, it is necessary for the applicant youth to be registered in the employment office.
  • Applicants who must have passed Intermediate, Graduation or Post Graduation.
  • Only educated unemployed youth of the state will be able to apply under this scheme.

Business Sectors Saksham Yojana Haryana 2023 Covers

1. Health care sector
2. Agriculture sector
3. Automobile Industry
4. Logistics
5. Textile Sector
6. Finance & Banking
7. Physical Education and Sports
8. Hospitality and Tourism Industries
9. Construction Sector
10. Food Processing
11. Green Skill
12. Retail Development and Management
13. Electronics & Telecommunication

How to apply for Haryana Saksham Yojana 2023?

If you want to apply in Saksham Yojana Haryana 2023 for the unemployed youth of the state run by Haryana Government. So you have to follow some easy steps mentioned below. By following these steps, you can easily register for Saksham Yojana Haryana 2023.

  1. First of all, to get the benefit of this Saksham Haryana Yojana, you have to visit the official website of the department. For this, you can also go direct by clicking here.
  2. After reaching the website, you have to select the Qualification Type.
  3. Qualification Type You will get two option Graduate & Post Graduate. You can choose them according to your qualification.
  4. As soon as you select your qualification. A form will open in front of you.
  5. In this bar, you have to fill all the information asked correctly. And after that submit your application form.
  6. After submitting your application, the eligibility of your application will be checked by the department. After which if you are eligible, then you will be given the benefit of Saksham Yojana Haryana.
  7. Click here to download official announcement.

Note: If you found the Notice ‘Fresh registration under Saksham Yuva Scheme is closed till further order.’ then you have to wait for the next update from the website owners..

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Process to login under Haryana Saksham Yojana

  1. First of all you have to visit the official website of Haryana Sakam Yojana. After this the home page of the website will open in front of you.
  2. On the home page of the website, you have to click on the option of “Login / Sign in” and click on the option of Enable Scheme. After this the login form will open in front of you.Saksham Yojana Haryana 2023 login
  3. In this form, you need to enter the details of the information asked, such as registration number, password, and captcha code.
    After entering all the required information, you need to click on the login button.
  4. In this way you can login under the scheme.

How to View details of applicant on website?

  1. To see the information, you have to visit the official website of Haryana Saksham Yojana.
  2. In the home page of the website, you have to click on the option of applicant details.
  3. Now the application form for unemployment details will open in a new page.
  4. Now you have to fill some information like Choice, District, Qualification, Gender etc. in this form. And then click on search.
  5. On searching, all the information related to it will appear on your screen.

How to find New Job Opportunity?

The youth living in the state who are eligible for the scheme can search for jobs on the official website of Haryana Saksham Yojana. To search Job Opportunity, you will see the option of Job Opportunities in the home page by visiting the official website of Haryana Saksham Yojana. On clicking on the option of Job Opportunities, two options of Government Job and Private Job will appear on your screen in a new page.

Here, according to your educational qualification, read about the job information in any of the two options and select the job option in the government or private sector. If there is a job vacancy according to your qualification, you will be informed about it. In this way you can get information related to jobs.


So, Here we conclude the post by telling you all about Saksham Yojana Haryana 2023, Login process of Saksham Yojana Haryana Application, How to apply online for Saksham Yojana Haryana and so all info regarding it. thank you for reading the article, and kindly share this one to all your friends.



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