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The Government of India at all levels from time to time announces welfare and beneficial schemes for the deprived, poor, exploited or poor sections of the society.

These schemes can be central, state specific or a joint alliance between the Center and the States, all of which benefit the underserved. So Today we will learn about the scheme – Palanhar Yojana Palanhar Yojana – started by the state government to provide benefits of upbringing, development and primary education etc. to orphans and disabled children.

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So Are you looking for the process to check Palanhar Yojana Payment Status 2022-23, then you are at the right place. Here we will tell you when the foster money will come and how you can check your foster money etc.

Palanhar payment Status 2022-23 Table :

Scheme Name  Palanhar Scheme
First State  Government of Rajasthan
When started  8 February 2005
Beneficiary Orphan Children / Guardians of the State
Objective Development of resource deprived children
Official website  Open here


Palanhar Yojana Payment Status 2022-23 :

Palanhar Yojana or Palanhar Payment Status was started in Rajasthan on 8 February 2005. Through this, even today the foster (person who takes care of orphan and disabled children) is getting the benefit of the scheme.

You can read a detailed information about the scheme in this article. After this article you will not need any other information. This has been a popular article in our articles.

Under the Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana, financial assistance is given by the government to the guardians of the children who are homeless since birth, orphans (whose parents have died) to take care of their upbringing, health development and education.

The government only provides financial assistance, it does not arrange these facilities itself. All these facilities are provided by relatives, uncles and neighbors etc. who take care of those children.

How to check Palanhar Yojana Payment Status 2022-23 online? :

You have made your application in Palanhar scheme and you want to check whether your money has come or not, then you can check Palanhar payment status.

Here are the Two Methods you can Do it:

1. Palanhar Payment Status Check Online on Jan Soochana Portal
2. Palanhar Payment Status Check Online on Social Justice and Empowerment Department

Method 1 :

Check Palanhar Payment Status on Public Information Portal..

  1. For Planhar payment Status, First you have to Go to the official website of Public Information.
    Palanhar Payment Status
  2. On the homepage, Search the option “Palanhar”.
    Palanhar Payment Status
  3. You will get different details about the scheme on the page.
  4. You click on Palanhar Yojana and Beneficiaries Information.
  5. When you click on this option, you will go to another new page.
  6. So here on the page, you have to choose Payment Status.
    Palanhar Payment Status
  7. Now you have to enter the Registration Number or Bhamashah Number.

Method 2 :

Check Palanhar Payment Status on Rajasthan Social Justice and Empowerment Department website..

  1. Firstly, Go to the Social Justice and Empowerment Department Official Website.
    Palanhar Payment Status
  2. Now you have to scroll down on the homepage and come down.
  3. Here below you click on the button of Palanhar Payment Status.
    Palanhar Payment Status
  4. Now enter your Bhamashah Number or Registration Number.
    Palanhar Payment Status
  5. After this you enter Captcha and click on Get Status.

Benefits of Palanhar Yojana Payment :

  • Rs.500 per month for children up to the age of 5 years
  • From the time the child takes admission in the school, financial assistance of Rs 1000 per month is provided to the child till he attains the age of 18 years.
  • Along with this, an amount of Rs. 2000 is given per year for clothes, sweater-shoes and other necessary work.
  • In this way, the foster of almost one child gets the benefit of Rs. 10,000-15,000 per year.
  • After the child turns 18 or becomes Adult, The Palanhar Yojana Payment stops for them.

How to know When will the Money of Palanhar Come? :

The payment of Palanhar Yojana comes through DBT every month in the bank account of the child’s Palanhar. Many changes have been made in this scheme and the beneficiary has been added to the continuous plan.

If you have applied in the plan for the first time, and you want to know “When will the money of Palanhar come?” So after application, you can find out at the end of the first month.

  • First of all, you should visit the official website of Jansoochna Portal.
  • Search by writing “Palanhar” on the search on the homepage.
  • You will get different options for the Palanhar scheme in front of you.
  • Click on the option of Palanhar Yojana and Beneficiary Information (Beneficiary List).
  • Now select all these fields and click “Search”.
    >> Area type (urban/rural)
    >> district
    >> Select the payment year
    >> Panchayat committee
    >> Village Panchayat
  • Now you can see the beneficiary list.
  • In this list you see your name.
  • In this way you can see when your money will come.

How to apply offline in Palanhar scheme?

Palanhar Payment Status: Here’s the Full process of How to apply offline in Palanhar scheme

  • To apply under Palanhar Yojana, you first go to the official website of Social Justice and Empowerment Department.
  • The application form of Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana from the website has to be downloaded to PDF File (we have already kept the application form available for you).
  • After downloading the application, you have to fill all the information asked in it like Palanhar’s name, date of birth, etc.
  • Palanhar Payment Status
  • After filling all the information, you have to attach all your documents with the application form.
  • Now the application form in the urban area to the Divisional District Officer or by going to E-Mitra Kiosk.
  • And residents of rural areas will have to submit their form to the concerned Development Officer or by going to E-Mitra Kiosk.
    In this way your application application will be completed.

Who will be Beneficiary for Palanhar Yojana? :

  1. Orphan child
  2. Children
  3. Three children of a widow
  4. Rearfouched widowed mother
  5. HIV/AIDS victim mother/father’s children
  6. Children of mother/father suffering from leprosy
  7. Three children of mother
  8. Special worthy mother/father’s children
  9. Divorced/abandoned woman’s children

What are the Required documents for Planhar payment Status? :

  1. Copy of parents’ death certificate
  2. Copy of punishment
  3. Widow pension payment order (PPO) number
  4. Copy of remarriage certificate (Xerox)
  5. ART ARD released by the center Diary/Green Card Zerox
  6. Zerox of medical certificate issued by competent board
  7. Certificate of more than one year
  8. A Xerox of 40 percent or more disability certificate
  9. Divorced/abandoned pension payment order (PPO) number

What is the Palanhar Scheme Budget :

Palanhar Yojana was launched by the Government of Rajasthan on 8 February 2005 to provide economic facilities to the orphans of Scheduled Castes.

Under this scheme, a total of up to Rs 673 crore has been paid to the beneficiaries so far. This number is increasing because 20 boys/girls are joining the scheme under the scheme.

Under the Palanhar scheme, 1,701,666 boys and 522,697 girls are getting benefits through this scheme so far.

You can also see the online Palanhar Yojana List 2022, and you can find out who is getting the benefit of Palanhar scheme in your area.

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Important FAQs Related to Palanhar Yojana:

1. What is Palanhar Portal Rajasthan?

Palanhar Rajasthan’s portal Social Justice and Empowerment Department is the official website of Rajasthan Sje.rajasthan.gov.in. You can get the application form and Palanhar payment status of Palanhar scheme from here.

2. Who is the beneficiary of Palanhar Yojana/Palanhar Payment Status?

The beneficiaries of Palanhar Yojana are destitute orphans. They are given economic benefits under this scheme.

3. How to renew in Palanhar scheme?

You have to renew this form from E-Mitra Kiosk every year in July.
For renovation, you have to go to the study certificate and Emitra Kiosk with children.

4. What is Palanhar Yojana Benefits 2022?

Under the Palanhar scheme, the orphan child’s “Palanhar” can get up to Rs 2500 per month. This amount is provided for the education and development of the child/girl.

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