Counter Strike Global Offensive PC Review: System Requirements, Gameplay, Visuals.

Counter Strike Global Offensive PC: A rich history of multiplayer first-person shooter games, including the original Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Source, served as the foundation for Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s (CS: GO) 2012 release. Six years later, the action-packed PC game still mostly competes favourably with more recent games, in part due to its well-established core gameplay and vibrant community. However, Counter Strike Global Offensive PCs visuals are getting dated and it lacks thematic variety of other well-known games like Overwatch. Nevertheless, CS: GO’s straightforward gameplay and competitive atmosphere will appeal to a lot of people, especially now that it is free to play.

So, how can CS: GO maintain its supremacy in a market that has witnessed tremendous diversity since 2012? Its massive esports fandom accounts for a large chunk of its success. It consistently ranks high among the most popular shows on Mixer and Twitch, and it gains from a thriving competitive market. Even a specific Watch area is included in the game so you can follow and watch events.

Counter Strike Global Offensive PC Details Table:

Game Name Counter Strike : Global offensive
Developer Hidden Path Entertainment, Valve Corporation
System Requirements Low
Genre Multiplayer first-person shooter
Publisher Valve Corporation
Release Date August 21st, 2012 (PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Linux)


Gameplay: Counter Strike Global Offensive PC

Counter Strike Global Offensive PC gameplay
Counter Strike Global Offensive PC


The default Counter Strike Global Offensive PC style is all about Either guarding or taking advantage of a Bomb Scenario. I played this mode the most of the time during my test play, but I also tried the Arms Race and Hostage modes. Another factor contributing to the mode’s popularity is the fact that the majority of competitive matches I’ve observed use the Bomb Scenario match type.

Maximum 15 elimination-style rounds can be played in the Bomb Scenario mode before one team secures a majority of victories. The goal is decided by whether players spawn on the Terrorist (T) or Counter-Terrorist (CT) side. One of the two bomb locations highlighted on the map must be bombed by terrorists. The CT team must stop the terrorists from detonating the device or stop them from placing it (the bomb has a countdown timer of 40 seconds). Reaching the bomb location as soon as possible is essential since the defusing procedure takes 5 seconds. Naturally, accomplishing this goal is made simpler by taking out every opponent on the other team, so stay vigilant at all times.

The Bomb Scenario mode in CS: GO is a straightforward but fun variation on the typical multiplayer FPS configuration that adds a lot of variety to each game. In the opposite scenario, the Counter-Terrorists seek to rescue the prisoner while the Terrorists protect the hostage in the Hostage game mode. New mission-based modes for CS: GO often accompany new operations. War Games, Wingman, and Weapons Expert modes were added to the game with the launch of Operation Hydra in May 2017. These game modes add new gameplay elements and change the weapons that are accessible, the match’s objective, and the maps that may be used. Usually, these activities also incorporate a campaign that is story-focused.

Combat Style and Weapons:

Counter Strike Global Offensive PC weapons
Counter Strike Global Offensive PC


Counter Strike Global Offensive PC: The mechanism for buying weapons at the start of each round baffled me when I first started playing CS: GO, and I imagine most new players would have the similar experience. Basically, you have a specific amount of money to spend on guns and other equipment at the start of each game. You only have enough money to purchase a handgun and one additional thing in the first round (I talk about equipment a bit later). By taking out adversaries during the round and, of course, by having your side win, you may earn more money.

The losing team receives some money as well, but since winning teams and talented players will have the advantage in terms of strategy due to the high cost of several guns, grenades, and other equipment. Players on both sides have more than enough money to purchase a variety of weapons and things in later rounds.

Counter Strike Global Offensive PC greatly depend on quick reflexes and jerky movements. Line-of-sight is thus one of your greatest competitive advantages. Of course, that also allows other players to set up camp in areas where they know they can ambush unwary foes. The centre route in Dust II quickly comes to mind (where you must hop past to evade sniper fire).

Players can also buy equipment at the start of each game. Both sides’ equipment lists are largely identical. The primary distinction is that while terrorists obtain C4 to instal at the bomb location, CTs have a bomb-defusing tool and the opportunity to acquire a rescue kit, which speeds up the process of rescuing a hostage. Both sides can buy a Kevlar helmet and vest (you start with them in casual settings), as well as a Zeus x27 rifle (a one-hit-kill electrical weapon). Additionally, you have access to a variety of explosives and decoys that may seriously impede a team’s progress. For instance, the flashbang grenade causes your vision to be rendered worthless by its dazzling flash of light.

How Visuals and Sound are?

Counter Strike Global Offensive PC
Counter Strike Global Offensive PC


Although CS: GO has a decent Visual appearance, many modern multiplayer FPS games easily outperform it. Colors might be dull and item textures can have a significant degree of grain on some maps. Similar to PUBG, CS: GO leans toward realism, but PUBG offers a far superior experience because to its atmospheric weather systems, ambient lighting, and general attention to detail. The vibrant (and sometimes bizarre) aesthetics of Overwatch or Fortnite aren’t kept up with by CS: GO either. Additionally, the maps in Fortnite and PUBG are far bigger than those in CS: GO, which should make it simpler to design settings with greater level of detail. The maps of CS: GO don’t promote interaction either, but I always like discovering all of Overwatch’s attractive locations.

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The Sound design in CS: GO is one of its strongest points. When shooting, every weapon makes a unique, piercing sound. Similar to how PUBG excels at building tension, CS: GO isolates player footfall against the stillness. The bomb countdown is by far my favourite effect. Once placed, the device starts to emit tones that get louder and louder until it explodes. This countdown may be heard by all players regardless of where they are on the map, making it a widespread and efficient method of grabbing everyone’s attention.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PC System Requirements:

Here are the Minimum System Requirements of Counter Strike Global Offensive PC..

CPU: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom™ X3 8750 processor or better
OS: Windows® 7/Vista/XP
Video Card: Video card must be 256 MB or more and should be a DirectX 9-compatible with support for Pixel Shader 3.0
Pixel Shader: 3.0
Free Disk Space Require: 15 GB
Required RAM: 256 MB

How it Runs on PS3 and Xbox 360?

Counter Strike Global Offensive offers mouse and keyboard functionality for people who want to play on the PlayStation 3 but don’t willing to cope with the unpredictability of analogue sticks, giving it a clear advantage over the Xbox 360 version. Move is another option if you’re feeling cheeky, although subtlety is lost when using a motion controller. The inherent instability of holding a remote will give your cursor some very uncomfortable wobbling, despite the fact that your move is exact and you may score kills with your quick reactions. The controller, which frequently and annoyantly misinterprets basic left/right glances as a desire to turn around 180 degrees, may be confused by swiftly moving the wand.

The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Global Offensive are essentially similar, with the exception of the lack of keyboard and mouse input. Both versions have the new radial user interface, which is just as beautiful on PC. Counter-Strike, a fiercely competitive game, disables party chat to prevent cheating, requiring headset users to play with friends or endure Xbox Live’s Wild West of profanity.

Final Verdict:

Global Offensive is undeniably a Great Counter-Strike sequel; it has a similar look and feel with a few tiny changes here and there to address lingering bugs and surprise seasoned players. This is a difficult, skill-based multiplayer game that is still rewarding today, but it’s intended for a particular type of player. So to all your Gaming friends share this Article ‘Counter Strike Global Offensive PC’ via all the Social handles and make a bienge play together. Peace!


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